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A funeral home is a kind of business that offers funeral services for those who have died. Funeral homes offer cremation, burial and memorial services for those people who have left this world. Funeral home businesses are a great help to those families who were left behind by the deceased. With the help of funeral homes, the dead body will be taken care of until it is laid to rest, and the families will have the much-needed closure they deserve.

Funeral homes are built to serve the community. There are different rooms in funeral homes. These rooms include the chapel, the display room, the reception room, the reposing room, the offices and the preparation room. Among these rooms, the preparation room plays the most important part. The preparation room is usually located in the basement or in a separate facility. This is where the dead body is prepared for burial. The services that are usually done in the preparation room includes embalming, make-up and other services that are requested by the family.


If you own a funeral home business, you should pay extra attention to taking care of your preparation room. This is because, without proper maintenance and safety precautions, it can actually cause trouble not only to your customers but also to your business.


The most common issue in the funeral’s preparation room is the plumbing system. If you do not follow a safety protocol in your plumbing system, chances are there will be backflow from the water that is used for embalming. The water can enter in the plumbing system that is used by the public. In this case, the water will be contaminated, thus possessing serious health risks.


Aside from that, there are chemicals that are used in the preparation room to prepare the dead body. These chemicals include formaldehyde which is certainly a toxic chemical. This dangerous chemical can also enter the plumbing system if backflow happens. Imagine the danger people will be facing if the water is consumed. This is why safety protocols should be followed. As the funeral homeowner, you should ensure that the plumbing system in the preparation room is working properly and will not affect the plumbing system that is used by the public.


Such a problem exposes not only your staff and the people in your funeral home to a dangerous situation but also your funeral business. If proven that there is indeed a problem in your plumbing system in the preparation room and the public was exposed to contaminated water, you will be facing liability suits or worse; your business will be closed.


To avoid this unfortunate situation, you should ensure that your preparation room follows a high standard. Since the room plays a crucial part in the overall funeral service that you offer, it is only right to invest in high-quality devices that will prevent backflow issues. You should ensure that the plumbing lines for public use are protected and should not allow a link in between the toxic liquid used in the preparation room and the water that will be consumed by the community.


Hiring a licensed and professional plumber can help you achieve this one. It is also important to hire someone who has experience in installing plumbing devices such as Pipe Freezing Services in Sydney in funeral homes. This will ensure a job well done. 


The preparation room in your funeral home requires high expenses. However, it can be a huge source of profit as it serves a very important role in overall funeral service that most families require for their deceased family member.

Give Condolences

No one is prepared to face the issue of death, but life inevitably makes us face this reality. However, a funeral can provide the family and friends of the deceased the opportunity to express their love and appreciation pain, and meet a life worthy of the crisis that occurs with the loss. You can be an awkward moment having to go to a funeral, or give condolence, but we must know what to say and do. Knowing how to behave in this situation is a sign of respect for people who are facing a tuff time, as well as a sign of affection towards the deceased.

At the wake, the correct thing would be for only the people close to the person and their relatives to come, because it is a very intimate moment. It is not appropriate to go to ” let yourself be seen.” However, the funeral can be attended by all those who feel it from the heart, or wish to support the family, even if the deceased has not been very close.

In my opinion (eye, do not pretend to offend anyone, or create controversy), when you find out that someone has just died, it is more delicate to send a text message than to call the mobile phone to the person who has lost the loved one, and I explain. When you phone someone, you do not know when he is, if he is just when he has broken pain or if he wants to be alone. A text message may be more impersonal, but it can be read at the time the person deems appropriate. Sending an email expressing our thoughts may also be suitable.

If you can not go to the funeral,   sending a wreath or bouquet is the best option. Sending a wreath is a very appropriate way of expressing condolence since flowers convey beauty and a sense of life. The most personal thing is to accompany the flowers with a handwritten note. If the deceased or his family is Orthodox Jewish, flowers are nothing appropriate.

How To Give Condolences

Mainly, this can be one of the most challenging times when going to a wake or funeral. In some moments it is complicated to verbalize that feeling of sadness, pain, compassion, and support for the debtor.

Condolences can be given physically, by call or note. The best thing is to be brief and straightforward. If there is enough closeness, there is nothing that conveys more than a sincere hug and meaning. The phrases can change, but we must always show our proximity to those close to us because of the pain they are feeling. It is quicker to say than to do, but it is best to express what comes out of our hearts, mainly if the deceased was close. More than a hackneyed phrase ” I’m so sorry,” it gives more consolation to remember something about the person who has just died, as positive aspects of his character, something he has done for us… Surely those tiny details are those that get a little comfort to people who are going through this challenging time.

There are also times that we are close to the person who has lost a loved one, not the deceased itself. In that case, we must make him feel our empathy and offer to help him in whatever he may need. Praising who we do not know is false and unnecessary.


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